• Will I have to assemble the VRBox Cardboard myself?
    It depends on your selection. You can either place your order for an assembled or unassembled model. 

  • How do I Assemble my Cardboard?
    Assembly for each of our viewers is quite easy. Each Cardboard kit comes with detailed instructions.

  • Do the Cardboard comes with NFC tags?
    No, VRBox does not provide the NFC tags.

  • How do I know if my smartphone will work with Cardboard?
    All smartphones with Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Screen Size upto 5.1 inches are compatible with the VRBox Cardboard model and the plastic models are compatible with the screen sizes upto 6 inches.

  • I'm facing an issue ordering from the website, what do I do?
    Please contact us with the following information:
    If you are using mobile or web
    Which browser you are using
    Which Operating System are you using - Windows/Mac/Linux and we will be able to assist you better.

  • What are the cut-off times for shipping the same day?
    All orders placed before 4 P.M are shipped out the same business day, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

  • How can I change my shipping address if my order has not shipped?
    Please contact us with your order number and the new shipping address.

  • How long will it take for my package to arrive?
    It takes 4-7 business days normally for the package to get delivered within India.

  • Do you ship to my country?
    Currently we are shipping in India only.

  • The lenses are dirty/scratched how do I clean them?
    You may clean them with either rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Use a cotton ball or Q-tip to avoid coming in contact with the cardboard. The cardboard will absorb the liquid and puff out.

  • My QR code has faded/Need QR code - do you have a place where I can scan one?QR Code
    Note: This QR code is for the Cardboard models and will not work with the Plastic VR Boxes.
  • How can I order custom VRBox Cardboard in bulk?
    If you would like us to design custom VRBox Cardboards, or are looking to purchase in bulk, please send an inquiry to support@vrbox.in. Our executive will get in touch with you within 24 hours or you may call us at +919205516466 and we will be happy to work with you to meet your specific VR needs.


  • What are the differences in VR Box 1 and VR Box 2?

    Following are the differences:

    1. Being an upgraded version, VR Box 2 has a better design and lens quality.
    2. VR Box 1, comes a rechargeable remote where as in VR Box 2, the remote comes with AAA batteries. However both have Bluetooth connectivity. 
    3. VR Box 1, comes with a fully separable opening for camera whereas VR Box 2 comes with a slider window for using camera.