Follow the simple steps below to assemble your VRBox kit.


The kit includes a cardboard cut-out with prefixed Ceramic Magnet, an Eye piece (with prefixed lenses), separator, Neodymium ring magnet, Velcro and an Elastic head band.


how to assemble

Put the cardboard cut out on a flat surface as it will resist the bends from those areas where it is not required. Then Take the eyepiece with prefixed lenses (Viewer) and fix it on the cardboard cut-out and fold the sides as shown in the pictures. 




Put in the separator by applying a small amount of glue at the ends so that it sticks to its position. The ceramic magnet (Black magnet) is already fixed. Simply put the Neodymium magnet on the other side of the cardboard and it will get a hold with the Ceramic Magnet. You can staple the Velcro or may use the glue to fix them up. Stick the fussy Velcro on the flap and the stiff Velcro on the other side for better hold.

The lenses are asymmetrical.  So, the one side is curved out and the other side is flat. Flat side comes down (Towards eyes) and the curved side towards the mobile phone.